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Texas’ Premier Airgun Purveyor and Outfitting Company




Professional airgun outfitting and tuning services with Tin to Target support. At Tenacious Airguns, we focus on results so you stay on target. Tenacious Airguns, where service meets precision.

Professional Airguns

Expert Tuning

Precision Service

“Precision airguns are proven on paper. Precision service is proven with results.”

                                 ∼ Derrick Wall, Team Centercut member  & Owner of Tenacious Airguns

The Tenacious Airguns Difference


Your airgun tuning and service records are meticulously mantained and updated for precision service. Every detail contributes to precision.


Tenacious Airguns provides our test targets thoroughout the tuning process, not one-time selected groups and shot strings.


Airguns we have personally selected, tested and specialize in tuning.


Service and support when you need it, not when its convienent for us. Fast response times coupled with access to Tenacious’ video tutorials and troubleshooting pages give our customers virtual 24/7 support.


By request, Tenacious Airguns can provide unedited video documentation of your airgun testing under a variety of conditions.


Every shooter is unique. Your individual style, purpose and preference all determine what products we recommend and suggest, to include tuning services, ammo selections and customer training.

“Do you not know that in a race,

all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?

Run in such a way as to get the prize”

1 Corinthians 9:24

Derrick is a great shot, and the best tuner I know for Eastern Bloc airguns like AGT, Kalibrgun, Taipan and EDgun… I’ve bought at least 3 guns from Derrick, and every single one had a perfectly adjusted trigger and was dead accurate. Also, getting an EDgun R3 trigger to be up to Taipan standards is no small feat!!! Just wait until you get the gun and “try” to unwrap the package! You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get it.


Mike B.

I contacted Derrick about a mid power (25-29 foot pound) lightweight 22 for a walk around rifle for hunting. We talked about the purpose of the rifle, power that I wanted, shot count etc. Derrick told me about the Vixen Long in 22 that fit every box I had… A day later Derrick sent me a shot string for the rifle… that night I get a couple of photographs of the targets he shot. 1 was at 35 yards (Stacking) and 1 at 55 yards (Stacking)…. Now I have my work cut out for me because I know it isn’t the rifle if I get a bad group. Also once done Derrick sent out the rifle on Wednesday and I should have it Friday…..That is service!!!!!!

Great guy, great rifle tuner, a great shooter, and so down to earth.

Thanks again Derrick


Tony P.